Who We Are

Like paint, we have you covered!

Since 2017, Old Charleston Painting Company has experienced a lot of change and a lot of growth. Through it all, we’ve always put customers first, stood behind our work, and given the highest level of quality in the market. We use the chemistry learned from working with paint manufacturers and the hands-on techniques learned from painting ourselves and use the best application methods around.

We only use the highest quality paints and products, including top-of-the-line Sherwin Williams, or premium Benjamin Moore paints upon request.

Our company, owner, and project manager are all EPA certified to do lead abatement.

Our Team

We are blessed to have over 50 painters on staff, each one having gone through our proprietary 12-month training program. We teach “the right way” of doing things from the ever important prep work to the finishing touches.

We hold the highest standards and teach specific methods that require some "unlearning" of old habits and then retraining the Old Charleston Painting Company way. Commitment to the rigorous year of training (that ends with a test!) has built a strong team with little turnover.

All work is done by us; we don't hire subcontractors for any project, so you know those working in your home or business are fully trained and qualified to do so.

Bradford King - Owner

Bradford found a love for paint when he was hired by Lord and Evans Paints at the age of 16. He worked his way up to store manager in his six years with them and then joined ICI Paints which eventually became PPG. In his time as store manager and outside sales rep, Bradford discovered more about the chemistry of paint and became a Level 2 certified chemical engineer.

After leaving PPG, he went on to sell cars for five years where he connected with Gary French, former painter himself, who sparked the idea of opening Old Charleston Painting Company. The rest, as they say, is history!

Bradford is married to the love of his life, Bethanny, who is a big reason Old Charleston Painting Company exists today!

Andrew Samela - Co-Owner

Andrew attended University of Rhode Island and has lived in Charleston for over 10 years. He worked with Bradford selling cars and then came over when Old Charleston Painting Company opened.

As co-owner, Andrew manages day-to-day operations, meeting with clients, scheduling, and branding. He’s been an integral part of the company during its exponential growth.

Andrew is an avid outdoorsman. He and his wife, Christina, have a 3 year old German Shepherd named Mila. 

From The Owner

Our processes and quality cannot be matched. Each project we take on has myself, my business partner, our project manager, and a site manager overseeing the job. We follow each specific scope that is written for each project, as each one is different.

As of 2022, we have 51 painters on staff. We are blessed to take on new jobs everyday. I couldn’t be happier to own Charleston’s Best Painting Service, and I couldn’t be happier to be doing it with the people I have around me. We are grateful for the support we receive and for the trust from each client and friend.

Remember….like paint, we have you covered!!

- Bradford King