The Benefits of Cabinet Restoration: Creating Your Dream Kitchen

Cabinet Refinishing for Increased Home Value

It’s well-known that an updated kitchen or bathroom space can increase your home’s value. When considering putting your house on the market, you may elect to update your kitchen, knowing freshly painted cabinets help ensure you receive a better offer. 

Maybe you just bought a home and the outdated cabinets are in the way of your dream kitchen. Kitchen cabinet painting will transform any tired, out-of-date kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing space you want to spend time in rather than avoid. It’s time to spruce up your cabinets with a fresh look and truly enjoy looking at (and using!) them.

Old Charleston Painting Company offers top-quality cabinet refinishing to transform your kitchen or bathroom. 

You can explore an entirely new style or simply give your cabinets new life with a fresh look that can last for decades to come. Refinishing your current kitchen cabinets saves you from having to purchase entirely new ones and makes a huge difference on the overall style of your home. As a key gathering place in the home for your family, the functionality and look of your kitchen makes a big impact which is why the durability and aesthetic of your cabinets are so important.

Old Charleston Painting Company is the cabinet painting expert. We often say, “Like paint, we have you covered.” And we mean it. Our meticulous process includes removing all old finishes before priming, sanding, and painting multiple coats to guarantee beauty and durability.

The Old Charleston Cabinet Painting Process

Refinishing Cabinets the Right Way!

Significantly more complex than repainting a bedroom wall, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a big project. How do our crews tackle such an intricate project as cabinet refinishing? 

One brush stroke at a time. ;)

In all seriousness, we approach cabinet restoration with the same passion and care as we do painting the exterior of your home.

Bradford King puts it this way, 

“We are equally passionate about the integrity and beauty of your home. From our selection of the highest quality products, to the best and highest level of customer service, we strive to give you and your home the professional paint job you both deserve. Painting isn’t just about changing color; it’s about creating surfaces that shine. The detail we provide is simply unmatched.”

A Vision for Your Kitchen

Our first step is to catch your vision for your home and cabinet space to make sure we understand what you’re fully looking for. This is your home and we want to help you create the dream space you envision. Then we get to prepping, the most important stage in our opinion, because it lays the foundation for the best and longest lasting results. 

Prepping the Cabinets Properly

The preparation and process of repainting cabinets is extensive and time-consuming, but investing the appropriate time and resources into a thorough job allows us to completely transform the look and feel of your home. 

Keeping the Paint Where the Paint Should Be!

We cover everything, and we mean everything, not being painted so it doesn’t get painted. We also remove the cabinet doors and keep them in a climate-controlled location while their transformation is in process. Especially in a hot, humid location like Charleston, SC, it’s necessary to take environmental factors into consideration when painting any part of your home. The damp coastal air of the Lowcountry can have a big effect on the quality and durability of your home’s paint, even when painting indoors. This is why we don’t cut corners…except with a brush! ;) Your cabinet doors receive their own spa treatment in our climate-controlled space so every coat of primer and paint goes on without being compromised by extra moisture in the air.

Quality Paint for Quality Results That Last

We use only the highest graded paint products from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most used features in your home and we make sure the paints we use stand up to the constant use while keeping your cabinet doors looking like they were just painted yesterday.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional painter to refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets saves you an immense amount of time, stress, and potentially low-quality results. Old Charleston Painting Company is the best choice for your next remodeling, cabinet, or any kind of painting project. You’ll receive personalized and consistent communication and customer service. And their highly trained and professional painters deliver superior results bar none. 

Avoid the hassle and common pitfalls many encounter when attempting to “DIY” and repaint their kitchen cabinets. Call for a quote.

Every crew member goes through our yearlong apprentice training program to learn the Old Charleston way and each job is managed and checked by our expert project managers, site manager, quality control manager, and even Bradford himself. When we say we’re meticulous, we mean it!

Like paint, we have you covered

With Old Charleston Painting Company, you’re guaranteed the highest quality paint products on every job and all of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed with generous warranties. Hyper customer focused, we make sure you’re absolutely happy before we wrap up to leave. We also offer a 3-5 year warranty on special restoration projects in case you discover any issues.